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How Participating in the GCDRI can Develop Your Research

Sofia Sedergren is an MA student in Political Science at The Graduate Center. Her focus is on political theory and comparative politics, and her research examines right-wing party rhetoric in Europe and their strategies to gain popular support.   When I learned about the GC Digital Research Institute (GCDRI) I had already considered learning computer …

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I Wish I Had Participated in the Digital Research Institute Sooner

This is a guest post by Ayşenur Benevento, a Ph.D candidate in the Human Development program at the Graduate Center, City University of New York, and adjunct lecturer in College of Staten Island. Her research interests concern civic engagement and political participation of children and young people with an emphasis on how their development is influenced by their social interactions …

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My Experience at the Digital Research Institute 2018

show command line in terminal

This is a guest post by Manuel C. Co Jr., an informatician and Hunter College adjunct faculty, about his experience at the January 2018 Digital Research Institute. I am fortunate to have been accepted to the week-long GC Digital Research Institute. Following Lisa Rhody’s (@lmrhody) warm greetings, she encouraged participants to draw their research project and to …

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