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GCDI Programming Response to the Coronavirus

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As the Graduate Center and CUNY continue to respond with operational and instructional changes during the COVID-19 outbreak, GC Digital Initiatives will continue to adjust program offerings to meet the needs of our community’s students, faculty, and staff. Each week for the remainder of the semester, we will post an update to our website with …

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Yeshimabeit Milner on Big Data

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On the evening of March 4, Data and Society is hosting Yeshimabeit Milner, the Founder & Executive Director of Data for Black Lives, who will be discussing Big Data as more than a collection of technologies or a revolution in measurement and prediction; but rather as an ideological regime that determines how decisions are made, …

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Next Week is NYCDH 2020!

NEXT WEEK – February 3-7, 2020 – is NYCDH Week! Taking place at institutions throughout New York City, NYCDH Week gives individuals across the region who are interested in digital humanities an opportunity to learn new techniques and skills, hear about DH projects from across the city, and become part of a vibrant and diverse …

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The Social Backend: Community-Driven Digital Archives and Exhibits by Prof. Mary Rizzo

Do you want to connect the public with digital archives? In this talk, public historian and digital humanist Mary Rizzo will use her work on community-driven digital archives and exhibits to help you make those connections. Through case studies of exhibits on police reform and LGBTQ history, she will discuss how to work with communities …

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A Matter of Time: A Brief History of Time Series in R and Beyond | Meetup

About the Talk: Time series are everywhere, and fundamentally different than all other data. To effectively work with these series demands highly specialized tools–as dates, times, notation, calendars, time zones, and more must be carefully managed while doing even basic operations like subsetting, merging, aggregating and dealing with missingness. If not handled properly, all of …

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Zotero: It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s … Citation Management Software!

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Zotero is a piece of software intended to help you manage citations. That might not sound like much, but in practice it’s a portable, pluggable, online and on-your-computer tool that can keep track of all your research. It will collect information about your reading while you research. It can even function as a place to …

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Open Pedagogy Symposium TOMORROW!

Tomorrow, May 3, join us for a discussion of Open with adjunct faculty, library students, GC students, and library faculty as the word pertains to labor, the academy, and colonialization. A few spots remain for the event! Questions of “open” are implicitly tied to deeper issues of access in higher education. The movements towards Open …

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RSA’ Future of Learning Network: Who Needs the Liberal Arts in the Digital Age?

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Liberal arts programs have seen a steep decline in recent years, as students tend to favor majors that prepare them for specific jobs. Have the liberal arts become superfluous? Do they need to be marketed differently? What is the role of the liberal arts in the digital age? Bob Coulter, FRSA and Gregor Thuswaldner, FRSA …

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How just 4 days of workshops at GC DRI re-defined my research

By Carly Batist, 2nd-year Biological Anthropology Ph.D. student I am a first-year Biological Anthropology PhD student, studying the behavior, social structure, and communication of wild black-and-white ruffed lemurs in Madagascar. When I first heard about the Graduate Center’s Digital Research Institute, I was in the midst of attempting dynamic social network analysis (which probably makes …

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