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Language, Meaning-Making, and Wrangling Text As Data: A Social Worker’s Perspective – GC Digital Fellows

In this Tagging the Tower post, GC PhD student in Social Welfare Ian Williams discusses his experience learning python at this year’s GC Digital Research Institute. Williams discusses what drew him to the Institute as well as how he envisages learning programming languages will impact his research. This is a great post to better understand …

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How to create websites with audio and visual elements on the CUNY Academic Commons

Whether you are seeking to make your research publicly available, host an interactive website for your courses, or track research for your M.A. thesis or dissertation, creating websites has become critical in academic scholarship. Doing so with visual and audio elements can bring data and research findings to life. On your WordPress-supported CUNY Academic Commons …

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Visualizing Objects, Places, and Spaces: A Digital Project Handbook

students looking at laptop screen. one points something out on the screen

Submit a Case Study or Assignment Next Review Date: September 30, 2021 Are you working on a research project or course assignment that fits one or more of our project types? We’re looking for new examples to add to our case study and assignment showcases. Learn more. Submissions are reviewed quarterly. What are the essential …

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Sonification for Data Communication – GC Digital Fellows

In this helpful blog post GC Digital Fellow Connor French walks us through the conceptual and technical dimensions of sonification and data communication. French helps us understand how data can be rendered into sound as well as see the implications of communicating data in this manner. As French puts it, “audio has multiple dimensions that …

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