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Choosing the Right Platform for Your Digital Archive – GC Digital Fellows

In this extremely resourceful blog post, GC Digital Fellow Stefano Morello discusses the pros and cons of a variety of website creation and digital archiving platforms available today. If you’re looking to create a website and/or a digital archive, then this blog post is will help you learn how to assess the many platforms that …

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Lessons from the DRI – Coding & Communication: Knowing What We Say Rather than What We Mean – GC Digital Fellows

In this fascinating blog post, Jesse McCormack (GCDI Coordinator and Philosophy PhD Candidate) reflects on her experience as a participant in the GC Digital Research Institute 2021. McCormack discusses the opportunities and outcomes of the Institute, as well as reflects on the importance of communication – between people and machines – when learning foundational computational …

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Mapping the Effects of COVID-19 – GC Digital Fellows

In this informative post, GC Digital Fellow Olivia Ildefonso discusses the GIS /Mapping Working Group’s project to assess the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on vulnerable communities in New York and strategize what could be done about it. Olivia discusses a variety of initiatives that took off under this initiative such as COVID and Cages, which studied …

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