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GC Digital Showcase

The GC Digital Showcase, held annually since 2012, took place on May 12, 2020 as a virtual event. The Showcase featured brief presentations by the MA in Digital Humanities Praxis seminar, doctoral student winners of this year’s Provost’s Digital Innovation Grants, and by students in the Interactive Data Visualization courses. Fourteen students across disciplines in …

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A Time for Research Distancing

In this thought-provoking post, Alan MacEachern & William J. Turkel discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has upended research practices and expectations in the humanities, especially in disciplines that require visits to archives. MacEachern & Turkel provide suggestions for devising an effective workflow for prioritizing digital archival research. Particularly germane is their observation that “a reliance …

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GCDI Resumes Programming After Spring Break

When we return from spring break on April 17, GC Digital Initiatives’ programming will resume with workshops, working groups, and timely projects in addition to our ongoing offer to provide one-on-one consultations to students, faculty, and staff. GCDI has modified our approach to accommodate the GC community’s needs in our remote work context. Our workshops, …

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Public Books Database | Public Books

Underside of leaf of Begonia Rex

In the wake of the pandemic a number of academic presses have made many of their books and journals available free online. This excellent and regularly updated article from Public Books lists how to access these materials. Check it out here: Public Books Database | Public Books

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Coping in the era of coronavirus: A webinar for students

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As the situation surrounding the coronavirus pandemic continues to evolve, psychology students are facing unique challenges prioritizing their own well-being. This webinar is designed specifically to help undergraduate and graduate students navigate the shifting COVID-19 crisis. APA psychologists Lynn Bufka, PhD and Vaile Wright, PhD will help you: Identify the things you can control. Determine …

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