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Debates in the Digital Humanities 2019

Celebrating the publication of Debates in the Digital Humanities 2019 in print and on the open-access Manifold platform, this event brings together a number of contributors to discuss their work. A roundtable and Q&A will follow the presentations. This event will be hosted at The Graduate Center’s English Student Lounge (GC RM 4406) on the …

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Submit a Proposal – Global Digital Humanities Symposium

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March 26-27, 2020, East Lansing, Michigan, Digital Humanities at Michigan State University is proud to extend its symposium series on Global DH into its fifth year. Digital humanities scholarship continues to be driven by work at the intersections of a range of distinct disciplines and an ethical commitment to preserve and broaden access to …

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Deepfakes: Can You Spot a Phony Video? | Above the Noise | KQED Education

As we think about the increasing use of social media as our sources of news and information, the strategies to spread disinformation seem to also have increased. Moving beyond the manipulation of static images, there is a new AI technology, “deepfakes,” which can allow for convincing alterations to be made on video that is difficult …

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Call for Proposals: Provost’s Digital Innovation Grants 2019-2020

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Applications for Provost’s Digital Innovation Grants – also known as PDIGs – are open! If you’re working on a digital project, planning to, or hoping to attend a short course or workshop to learn a skill that may support a current or future digital project, then this grant opportunity is for you! PDIGs are broken …

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Symposium: Centering Art History & Visual Culture in the Digital Humanities

Join digital humanists from Oct 17th and 18th at Duke University for a Symposium Celebrating 10 Years of the Wired! Lab. This conference brings to the fore core contributions of art historians and visual culture scholars to the spatial digital humanities. Looking at objects and environments at a wide variety of scales, panelists will ask: …

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Faculty positions in Digital Humanities, Northeastern University

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The College of Social Sciences and Humanities (CSSH) at Northeastern University invites applications and nominations for several tenured or tenure-track faculty positions (Assistant, Associate or Full Professor) in Digital Humanities with a specialization in literary, rhetorical, cultural, or historical studies. Home departments may include History; English; Cultures, Societies, and Global Studies or other units within …

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PDIG Training Grant Spotlight: Carmela Muzio Dormani

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By: Carmela Muzio Dormani   Salsa is rhythm and melody, represents history and evolution, and encourages both individual expression and interpersonal connection. In the 1960s and 70s salsa music was, “the unmistakable voice of the Puerto Rican barrio” (Duany, 1984) representing, “a powerfully vibrant and uncontainable cultural expression” (Washburne, 2008). Today, it is the dancers …

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