Who are we?


Picture of Matt Gold

Matthew K. Gold

Advisor to the Provost for Digital Initiatives

Lisa Marie Rhody

Lisa Marie Rhody

Deputy Director of Digital Initiatives

Staff & Faculty

Picture of Paul Atwell

Paul Attewell

Professor, Sociology and Urban Education

Picture of Stephen Brier

Stephen Brier

Professor, Urban Education

Picture of Jill Cirasella

Jill Cirasella

Associate Librarian, Public Services & Scholarly Communication

Picture of Jessie Daniels

Jessie Daniels

Professor, Sociology

Picture of Cathy Davidson

Cathy Davidson

Director of the Futures Initiative

Picture of Robert M. Haralick

Robert M. Haralick

Distinguished Professor, Computer Science

Laurie Hurson

Laurie Hurson

Open Educational Technologist

Picture of Joe Kirchof

Joe Kirchof

Project Advisor, Center for Media and Learning

Picture of Stephen Klein

Stephen Klein

Digital Services Librarian

Picture of Michael Mandiberg

Michael Mandiberg

ITP Certificate Program Coordinator

Picture of Lev Manovich

Lev Manovich

Professor, Computer Science

Krystyna Michael

Krystyna Michael

Open educational technologist

Picture of George Otte

George Otte

University Director of Academic Technology

Anthony Picciano

Professor, Urban Education

Picture of Katina Rogers

Katina Rogers

Deputy Director, Futures Initiative

Picture of Steven Romalewski

Steven Romalewski

Director, CUNY Mapping Service

Picture of Polly Thistelwaite

Polly Thistelwaite

Chief Librarian, Graduate Center Library

Picture of Joe Urgoretz

Joe Ugoretz

Senior Associate Dean and Chief Academic Officer, Macaulay Honors College

Picture of Andrea Vazquez

Andrea Vazquez

Managing Director, New Media Lab

Picture of Luke Waltzer

Luke Waltzer

Director, Teaching and Learning Center

Headshot of Steve Zweibel, data and digital projects librarian

Steve Zweibel

Data and Digital Projects Librarian

Roxanne headshot

Roxanne Shirazi

Dissertation Research Librarian

Robin headshot

Robin Miller

Open Educational Technologist, Digital Humanities


jessie headshot

Jessie McCormack

Coordinator, GC Digital Initiatives

Advising Fellows

Filipa Calado, Digital Fellow, Headshot

Filipa Calado


Picture of Rafael Davis Portela

Rafael Davis Portela


Digital Fellows

Chelsea headshot

Chelsea Lane


Leanne headshot

Leanne Fan


Rilquer headshot

Rilquer Mascarenhas


Rebecca Krisel

Political Science

Di Yoong, headshot

Di Yoong

Critical Social/Personality & Environmental Psychology

zach headshot

Zach Lloyd

Comparative Literature

Yuxiao headshot

Yuxiao Luo

Information Systems

Social Media Fellows

Beth Fera

Beth Fera

Criminal Justice

Headshot of Maya Rose, PSM Fellow

Maya Rose

Educational Psychology

Headshot of Parisa Setayesh

Parisa Setayesh

Earth & environmental science

Headshot of B. Stone, PSM Fellow.

B. Stone

Political Science

Manifold Fellows

Wendy headshot

Wendy Barrales

Urban Education


Shawn(ta) Smith-Cruz, Head of Reference, Graduate Center Library
Joshua Brown, Executive Director of the American Social History Project


Filipa Calado, English | GC Digital Fellow 2018 – 2021
Stefano Morello, English | GC Digital Fellow 2018 – 2021
Rafael Davis Portela, History | GC Digital Fellow 2018 – 2021
Olivia Ildefonso, Earth & Environmental Sciences | GC Digital Fellow 2018 – 2021
Sejung Sage Yim, Sociology | Social Media Fellow 2018 – 2021
Connor French, Biology | GC Digital Fellow 2019 – 2021
Javier Otera Peña, Psychology | GC Digital Fellow 2016 – 2020
Jojo Karlin, English | Manifold Fellow, GC Digital Fellow 2016 – 2020
Inna Bakman-Sanchez, Chemistry | Social Media Fellow 2017 – 2020
Huber Jaramillo Gil, Latin American, Iberian, and Latino Cultures | Social Media Fellow 2017 – 2020
Kristin Hackett, Psychology | GC Digital Fellow 2017 – 2020
Tom Ribitzky, Comparative Literature | Program Coordinator 2017 – 2020
Merrit Corrigan, Anthropology | Videography Fellow 2017 – 2020
Kalle Westerling, Theater | Program Social Media Coordinator 2018 – 2020
James Tolleson, Anthropology | Social Media Fellow 2018 – 2020
Chelsea Lane, Music | Social Media Fellow 2018 – 2020
Andi Çupallari, Data Analysis and Visualization | Advising Fellow 2019- 2020
Ian Wallace, Art History | Program Coordinator 2019- 2020
Natalie O’Shea, Anthropology | GC Digital Fellow 2019 – 2020
Jennifer Stoops, Urban Education | Social Media Fellow 2012 – 2019
Paul Herbert, English | Program Social Media Fellow 2012 – 2019
Naomi Barrettara, Music | Program Social Media Fellow, Coordinator 2012 – 2019
Patrick Sweeney, Psychology | GC Digital Fellow, Coordinator 2015-2019
Courtney Drayer, Earth and Environmental Sciences | Program Social Media Fellow 2015-2019
Kelsey Chatlosh, Anthropology | GC Digital Fellow 2016-2019
Stephen Ogumah, Classics | Videography Fellow 2016-2019
Rachel Rakov, Linguistics | GC Digital Fellow 2016-2019
Chloe Wyma, Art History | Program Social Media Fellow 2017-2019
Mark Porter Webb, Anthropology | Program Social Media Fellow 2012-2018
Patrick Smyth, English | GC Digital Fellow 2014-2018
Jeremy March, Classics | GC Digital Fellow 2015-2018
Jennifer Prince, LAILAC | Program Social Media Fellow 2015-2018
Hannah Aizenman, Computer Science | GC Digital Fellow 2015-2018
Tahir Butt, Urban Education | GC Digital Fellow 2016-2018
Chloë Edmonson, Theatre | Assistant to Mathew K. Gold 2017-2018
Pablo Gonzalez, Linguistics | GC Digital Fellow 2018 (Fall)
Mary Catherine Kinniburgh, English | GC Digital Fellow 2015-2017
Ian Phillips, Linguistics | GC Digital Fellow 2015-2017
Chris Caruso, Anthropology | Program Social Media Fellow Coordinator 2012-2016
Erin Glass, English | GC Digital Fellow 2012-2016
Marilyn Johnson, Philosophy | Program Social Media Fellow 2012-2016
Keith Miyake, Earth and Environmental Sciences | GC Digital Fellow 2013-2016
Jeffrey Binder, English | GC Digital Fellow 2015-2016
Michelle Johnson-McSweeney, Linguistics | GC Digital Fellow 2015-2016
Jennifer Tang, Psychology | GC Digital Fellow 2015-2016
Laura Wildermann Kane, Philosophy | GC Digital Fellow 2012-2015
Andrew G. McKinney, Sociology | GC Digital Fellow 2012-2015
Alice Lynn McMichael, Art History | GC Digital Fellow 2012-2015
Jessica Miller, Earth and Environmental Sciences | Program Social Media Fellow 2012-2015
Micki Kaufman, History | GC Digital Fellow 2013-2015
Kenneth U. Ezrim, Computer Science | GC Digital Fellow 2014-2015
Evan Misshula, Criminal Justice | GC Digital Fellow 2014-2015
Jonathan Patowski, Art History | Program Social Media Fellow 2014-2015
Matthew Slaats, Psychology | GC Digital Fellow 2012-2014
Hillary Miller, Theater | GC Digital Fellow 2012-2014