Through new scholarly publications and online projects, community members highlight the accomplishments of the Digital GC. Meet some of these faculty, students, and staff, and learn about their affiliated research.

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Faculty & Staff


Digital Fellows

The GC Digital Fellows work with Graduate Center faculty members on digital scholarly projects, design websites for special initiatives, receive skills training workshops, and, more broadly, explore new ways for Graduate Center faculty, students, and staff to share their academic work through new technological platforms and social media tools. Their reflections on this process can be found on our blog, Tagging the Tower.

Hannah Aizenman

Hannah AizenmanComputer Science Program

Tahir Butt

Tahir ButtUrban Education Program

Kelsey Chatlosh

Kelsey ChatloshCultural Anthropology Program

Agustín Indaco

Agustín IndacoEconomics Program

Jojo Karlin

Jojo KarlinEnglish Program

Mary Catherine Kinniburgh

Mary Catherine KinniburghEnglish Program

Jeremy March

Jeremy MarchClassics Program

JJavier Otero Peña

Javier Otero PeñaEnvironmental Psychology Program

Ian Phillips

Ian PhillipsLinguistics Program

Rachel Rakov

Rachel RakovComputational Linguistics Program

Patrick Smyth

Patrick SmythEnglish Program

Patrick Sweeney

Patrick SweeneyCritical Social / Personality Psychology

Program Social Media Fellows

The Graduate Center Social Media Fellows are a team of graduate students who model and promote digital strategies to foster community engagement with the academic and scholarly work of the students, alumni, faculty, and staff of the Graduate Center, CUNY. You can see their work on the Social Media Fellows blog, Social Mediums.

Naomi Barrettara

Naomi BarrettaraMusic Program
Coordinator, Program Social Media Fellows

Courtney Drayer

Courtney DrayerEarth and Environmental Sciences Program

Paul L. Hebert

Paul L. HebertEnglish Program

Jennifer Prince

Jennifer PrinceHispanic and Luso-Brazillian
Literatures and Languages Program

Jennifer Stoops

Jennifer StoopsUrban Education Program

Mark Porter Webb

Mark Porter WebbAnthropology Program

Videography Fellows

The Videography Fellows work with the GC’s Ph.D. programs, centers, and the three Mellon committees to produce high quality videos that promote the GC’s scholarly activities online, making them more available and accessible to public audiences.

Diego Medina

Diego MedinaPolitical Science Program

Stephen Ogumah

Stephen OgumahClassics Program

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