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Facebook: Friend or Foe?

Facebook: Friend or Foe? Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook, recently released an op-ed in The New York Times, “It’s Time to Break Up Facebook,” expressing concern about the monopolistic nature of Facebook and the power wielded by Mark Zuckerberg. Leapfrogging off concerns raised about Facebook’s recent mistakes, including “the sloppy privacy practices that dropped tens …

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Open Pedagogy Symposium TOMORROW!

Tomorrow, May 3, join us for a discussion of Open with adjunct faculty, library students, GC students, and library faculty as the word pertains to labor, the academy, and colonialization. A few spots remain for the event! Questions of “open” are implicitly tied to deeper issues of access in higher education. The movements towards Open …

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What Happens to Your Brain in Virtual Reality?

Two people with VR headsets on.

In late 2017, when Professor Robert Duncan (GC/York; Psychology, Biology/Behavioral Sciences) first began trying to design a virtual reality video game, he realized that no one really understood on a deep level how virtual reality worked. He knew that game companies had a decent understanding of perception, and of the basic physiological mechanisms behind it. …

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How to request video recording service at the Graduate Center

raspberry pie

If you are organizing an event for your department, working group, or various other occasions, you might be interested in using the video recording services provided by the IT department at the GC. This blog post illustrates how to request the livestreaming and recording services for events that take place at the GC. It also …

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CUNY DHI: Lightning Talks and Keynote

attendees at workshop

This year’s CUNY DHI event, will feature CUNY students, faculty, and staff sharing their projects through short 3-minute talks, showcasing the diverse and innovative digital humanities projects happening across the CUNY system. The Lightning Talks will be followed by a keynote lecture by Kim Knight titled “Wearable Interfaces and Feminist Sleeper Agents.”  This event is free and …

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How Participating in the GCDRI can Develop Your Research

Sofia Sedergren is an MA student in Political Science at The Graduate Center. Her focus is on political theory and comparative politics, and her research examines right-wing party rhetoric in Europe and their strategies to gain popular support.   When I learned about the GC Digital Research Institute (GCDRI) I had already considered learning computer …

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