Author: Stefano Morello


A Legible Digital Archive: Displaying and Sorting Content on Your Omeka Site

GC Digital Fellow Stefano Morello provides a helpful and succinct overview of Omeka, a widely used content management platform. Reflecting on his recent “Introduction to Omeka” workshop held at the GC, Stefano asks and answers questions relating to designing exhibits, organizing content, and using Omeka plugins. A very helpful primer for all looking to get …

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Why I Quit GitHub

Among the bigger scandals this past week was the escalating turmoil at GitHub over its ICE contract renewal. With employees resigning and protesting en masse, GitHub is under intense pressure to put progressive politics over its profits. In this fascinating interview published in Motherboard: Tech by Vice, Sophie Haskins, a former GitHub software engineer, discusses …

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The Dark Side of Techno-Utopianism

Sunny reflection in pond

This lucidly written essay shuttles between the emergence of the Gutenberg press and the rise of Facebook, compelling a reflection on the enduring and contradictory ways in which print and digital cultures are entwined. Particularly insightful is the observation that what we now refer to as “fake news” has been closely associated with both print …

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Easy Website Archiving

Web of pearls

The GC Library’s Stephen Klein discusses Rhizome’s Webrecorder, an open source solution for Web Archiving. This is tool should be of interest to all researchers looking to capture portions from the internet or to record their own web development project. Read more: Easy Website Archiving.

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Open Pedagogy Fellowships – GC Doctoral Students Apply Now!

The Open Pedagogy fellowships are a fantastic opportunity for GC doctoral students to enhance their teaching practices and learn about Open Educational Resources (OER). The Library seeks applications for up to 13 Open Pedagogy Fellows for the Spring 2020 semester, each carrying a $2000 stipend. The Fellowship experience will enhance participants’ understanding of open pedagogy …

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