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Authorship and Advocacy: The Native American Petitions Dataverse – Not Even Past

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In this insightful review, Alina Scott draws attention to the decolonizing work of The Native American Petitions Dataverse. Scott’s review brings out the ways in which this project is rethinking both the form and the content of digital archives, while also emphasizing the many new avenues for research, access, preservation, and activism that this amazing archive …

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Review of Learning Queer Identity in the Digital Age

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This post reviews Kay Siebler’s Learning Queer Identity in the Digital Age (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016). Of particular interest to scholars working at the intersections of digital cultures, queer theory, and critical pedagogy, Siebler’s compelling book opens new pathways of thinking through the contradictions of identity, capitalism, and patriarchy. It’s definitely reached the top of my …

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Toward the End of a Digital Project: Reflections on Starting Over

This issue is probably more common than I think. Over the past year I’ve been working on an ambitious digital project: to modify a digital annotation tool,, so that the user can highlight text in multiple colors, rather than just yellow. While that doesn’t sound very ambitious, the theoretical underpinnings of the project and …

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Quickstart Guide to R Package Building

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Want to make your research more reproducible? Try housing it within an R package! While R packages are typically used to house broadly applicable functions for defined use-cases, they offer a lot for researchers looking to make their project-specific code and data more accessible and organized. Building an R package may sound daunting. However, it’s …

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Preparing Students to Work as Curators, Thanks to New Mellon Foundation Grant

The Graduate Center’s Ph.D. Program in Art History was awarded a grant of $650,000 by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to support the training of future curators and other museum and arts professionals. The grant builds on previous support from the Mellon Foundation that enabled the department to strengthen curatorial training in art history, with …

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Apply to Participate in the “Data for Public Good” Project

The “Data for Public Good” Project Application deadline: Friday, November 15, 2019 For the second time, GC Digital Initiatives is accepting applications from GC students who have achieved an introductory fluency with the Python programming language to participate in a semester-long collaborative project designed to improve their familiarity and comfort with programming, while at the …

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A Matter of Time: A Brief History of Time Series in R and Beyond | Meetup

About the Talk: Time series are everywhere, and fundamentally different than all other data. To effectively work with these series demands highly specialized tools–as dates, times, notation, calendars, time zones, and more must be carefully managed while doing even basic operations like subsetting, merging, aggregating and dealing with missingness. If not handled properly, all of …

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