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Mapping the Effects of COVID-19 – GC Digital Fellows

In this informative post, GC Digital Fellow Olivia Ildefonso discusses the GIS /Mapping Working Group’s project to assess the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on vulnerable communities in New York and strategize what could be done about it. Olivia discusses a variety of initiatives that took off under this initiative such as COVID and Cages, which studied …

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The Dictatorship of Data

Robert McNamara is remembered as JFK’s and LBJ’s secretary of defense, who was a primary motivator in escalating the Vietnam War. What is less known about McNamara–as discussed in this recent MIT Technology Review article– is that he was obsessed with accumulating data for any objective that he undertook. While ordinarily we would think this …

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Body Language

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In this thought provoking article from The Baffler, Sanjana Varghese discusses the dangers of biometric surveillance beyond facial recognition. Whereas facial recognition has rightfully occupied a lot of attention for its racist biases and its authoritarian overreach, Varghese points towards other similar technologies that also deserve public critique. Varghese discusses emotion recognition, gait recognition, earprint …

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