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What Can the Humanities Do for Data Science?

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The paper ‘Challenges and prospects of the intersection of humanities and data science: A white paper from The Alan Turing Institute’, has been produced by The Alan Turing Institute’s Humanities and Data Science special interest group – an extensive, multidisciplinary group of researchers from a wide range of universities and cultural organizations including The National Archives, The British Library and The National Library of …

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What Can America Learn from Europe About Regulating Big Tech?

This fascinating article from The New Yorker profiles Marietje Schaake, a former member of the European Parliament and currently the international policy director at Stanford University’s Cyber Policy Center. The article provides an overview of Schaake’s career and opinions within the larger context of the importance of government regulation over large informational technology companies. Transnational tech …

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Web Design: Prioritizing What Matters

Poster for the Web Design: Prioritizing What Matters workshop to be held online

Looking to update your website? In the wake of COVID, many organizations are looking to improve their online presence. In the first of three programs focused on digital communications, Nicholas MacDonald will share what makes a good website, best practices in design, and how to approach building a new website. Virtual Program Registrants will receive …

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Tech’s ever-growing deepfake problem

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The run-up to the U.S. presidential election is also speeding up the arrival of a tipping point for digital fakery in politics, Axios’ Ashley Gold reports. As the election, a pandemic and a national protest movement collide with new media technology, this political moment is accelerating the proliferation and evolution of deliberately deceptive media, leaving …

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Bias in AI and New York City’s governance

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Though many people might not realize it, complicated algorithms, including AI in some cases, help cities like New York make decisions every day about everything from where kids should go to school to who should receive extra screening from police and which neighborhoods should have more fire stations. These systems have the potential to help …

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GC Digital Showcase

The GC Digital Showcase, held annually since 2012, took place on May 12, 2020 as a virtual event. The Showcase featured brief presentations by the MA in Digital Humanities Praxis seminar, doctoral student winners of this year’s Provost’s Digital Innovation Grants, and by students in the Interactive Data Visualization courses. Fourteen students across disciplines in …

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A Time for Research Distancing

In this thought-provoking post, Alan MacEachern & William J. Turkel discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has upended research practices and expectations in the humanities, especially in disciplines that require visits to archives. MacEachern & Turkel provide suggestions for devising an effective workflow for prioritizing digital archival research. Particularly germane is their observation that “a reliance …

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