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Why Facebook Can’t Fix Itself

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This article from The New Yorker dives into the longstanding content moderation troubles at Facebook. At heart is the difficulty of balancing a platform that values “free speech,” on the one hand, with policing and stopping the spread of hateful content on the other. The article’s author Andrew Marantz critiques Facebook at failing to adequately …

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CFP: 6th Annual CUNY DHI Lightning Talks

Interested in digital humanities at CUNY? Have a project to share? Sign up to present your digital humanities project, research, or questions with students, faculty, and staff from across CUNY’s campuses. What: 6th Annual CUNY Digital Humanities Initiative Lightning Talks When: Wednesday, October 28, 2020 Time: 6:30 to 8:00 PM Where: Zoom (link will be sent by …

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When Algorithms Give Real Students Imaginary Grades

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This op-ed by Meredith Broussard throws light on the extremely troubling use of predictive grading for assessing the International Baccalaureate examinations, which recently gave thousands of students a failing grade based on data points like the student’s socio-economic demographics, teacher estimated grades, and other measures. Broussard discusses how the algorithms enabling predictive grading are rooted …

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Twitter Apologizes for Racist Image-Cropping Algorithm

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This news article published in The Guardian covers Twitter’s response to a racist image cropping algorithm that automatically focused on White faces over Black ones. The article notes that Twitter isn’t the first or only technology company struggling to explain the racist basis of its algorithms, and discusses similar issues in the Google Photos service. …

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The Authoritarian Trade-Off

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In this fascinating article, the media theorist Jathan Sadowski casts a critical eye on the ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic has become a cover for the expansion of state surveillance across the world. Sadowski discusses the ways in which the opaque processes like contact tracing, social-network analysis, and other ways of dealing with the …

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Call for 2020-2021 Carnegie Educational Technology Graduate Fellows

"Bokeh" by Juan Salmoral

Deadline: Applications Accepted and Reviewed on a Rolling Basis; Apply by October 15, 2020 for first consideration   Through the generous support of a grant from the Carnegie Corporation, the Graduate Center invites applications from GC doctoral students for a new Carnegie Educational Technology Fellowship Program. Through this one-year program, which will run during the …

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Google offers to help others with the tricky ethics of AI

Google is planning to offer new services to tech companies regarding AI ethics, despite having a spotty past itself on such issues. Some services are specific, such as detecting racial biases in computing vision technology (e.g., that is involved in facial recognition software), but they also plan to offer general advice on developing ethical frameworks. …

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Toward Anti-Racist Technical Terminology

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The rootedness of racialized language in technical terminology has been a matter of tense critique for many years. Following their statement on Black Lives Matter, the Association for Computers and the Humanities (ACH) has offered a guide to help Digital Humanities centers, labs, developers, and other technologists be mindful of the technical terminology embedded in …

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