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Digital Projects and Student Engagement in the Era of COVID-19 | HASTAC

This blog post recognizes the difficulties of teaching and learning remotely in the COVID-19 pandemic. The article notes the additional emotional and medical stress imposed by the pandemic on students and teachers. Under these conditions, it seeks to revive student engagement and teachers’ inspiration. The article turns to Slave Voyages Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database as …

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Raising Algorithmic Impact Assessment | by Jacob Metcalf | Mar, 2022 | Data & Society: Points

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This blog post calls for the urgent development of methods for assessing algorithmic systems that center the public interest. The post notes that the algorithmic systems which dominate much for our social lives are opaque and not subject to democratic governance. It calls for a completely new framework for assessing the performance of these algorithmic …

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Inside Facebook’s $10 Billion Breakup With Advertisers – WSJ

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The news article draws attention to how changes in software privacy requirements have prompted major losses in revenue for social media corporations. Changes in privacy settings have throttled the ability for social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to track their uses and target them with advertisements. Business enjoyed the ability to market their products …

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Apply by Monday, March 28th to become a 2022 – 2023 GC Digital Fellow

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Are you looking for a fellowship that will challenge you to enhance your existing technical skills? Do you enjoy working collaboratively with an interdisciplinary team? Do you like working with students, faculty, and staff to help them learn new digital tools and methods? If learning new open source technologies and helping others to integrate them …

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