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Remember When You Could See Inside a Gaming Console?

The thought-provoking article from Wired discusses the translucent design of older video game consoles to provide an insight into gaming culture. Translucency allowed intrepid gamers to look inside their consoles, which enabled a culture of creative console modification and repair. The author notes that current generation consoles have sharply diverged from the aesthetics of translucency …

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Do Brain Implants Change Your Identity?

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This article from The New Yorker reports on the experiences of people who have used brain implants to treat epilepsy. It paints a fascinating narrative of the ways in which these technologies can shape people’s understanding of themselves and their relationship to the world. The author also raises significant doubts surrounding brain implant technology, whose …

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Sonification for Data Communication – GC Digital Fellows

In this helpful blog post GC Digital Fellow Connor French walks us through the conceptual and technical dimensions of sonification and data communication. French helps us understand how data can be rendered into sound as well as see the implications of communicating data in this manner. As French puts it, “audio has multiple dimensions that …

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Rethinking Artificial Intelligence through Feminism | CCCB LAB

How might intersectional feminism inform machine learning algorithms? This post explores this question by drawing attention to the Feminist Data Set art project. This fascinating project brings together theories of social justice, feminism, data science, and design, in order to provide critical insight into every step of the AI development project. Read more about the Feminist Data …

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Choosing the Right Platform for Your Digital Archive – GC Digital Fellows

In this extremely resourceful blog post, GC Digital Fellow Stefano Morello discusses the pros and cons of a variety of website creation and digital archiving platforms available today. If you’re looking to create a website and/or a digital archive, then this blog post is will help you learn how to assess the many platforms that …

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Lessons from the DRI – Coding & Communication: Knowing What We Say Rather than What We Mean – GC Digital Fellows

In this fascinating blog post, Jesse McCormack (GCDI Coordinator and Philosophy PhD Candidate) reflects on her experience as a participant in the GC Digital Research Institute 2021. McCormack discusses the opportunities and outcomes of the Institute, as well as reflects on the importance of communication – between people and machines – when learning foundational computational …

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