Author: Connor French

Welcome Back!

Greetings Digital GC, and welcome back! May your winter breaks have been cheerful, restful, and productive. As you transition back to your semesterly schedule, let us remind and update you about all the ways that GCDI is here to support you and your scholarship. Consultations The GC Digital Fellows are offering individual consultations this semester. …

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How to apply machine learning and deep learning methods to audio analysis

student works at computer screen

While much of the writing and literature on deep learning concerns computer vision and natural language processing (NLP), audio analysis — a field that includes automatic speech recognition (ASR), digital signal processing, and music classification, tagging, and generation — is a growing subdomain of deep learning applications. Some of the most popular and widespread machine learning systems, …

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Quickstart Guide to R Package Building

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Want to make your research more reproducible? Try housing it within an R package! While R packages are typically used to house broadly applicable functions for defined use-cases, they offer a lot for researchers looking to make their project-specific code and data more accessible and organized. Building an R package may sound daunting. However, it’s …

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Preparing Students to Work as Curators, Thanks to New Mellon Foundation Grant

The Graduate Center’s Ph.D. Program in Art History was awarded a grant of $650,000 by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to support the training of future curators and other museum and arts professionals. The grant builds on previous support from the Mellon Foundation that enabled the department to strengthen curatorial training in art history, with …

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A Matter of Time: A Brief History of Time Series in R and Beyond | Meetup

About the Talk: Time series are everywhere, and fundamentally different than all other data. To effectively work with these series demands highly specialized tools–as dates, times, notation, calendars, time zones, and more must be carefully managed while doing even basic operations like subsetting, merging, aggregating and dealing with missingness. If not handled properly, all of …

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We are all complicit in harassment and abuse

To combat bad behaviour, researchers must collectively create ways to take responsibility, says Virginia Valian… The vast majority of scholars will never have crossed paths with Epstein, but many of us — myself included — are guilty of lapses, of instances when we failed to recognize or take steps to prevent abuse. It is past …

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