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Mapping the Effects of COVID-19 – GC Digital Fellows

In this informative post, GC Digital Fellow Olivia Ildefonso discusses the GIS /Mapping Working Group’s project to assess the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on vulnerable communities in New York and strategize what could be done about it. Olivia discusses a variety of initiatives that took off under this initiative such as COVID and Cages, which studied …

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Teaching for the First Time: A Story of OER

In this excellent post, GC sociology student and 2020 Open Pedagogy Fellow, Brian Mercado discusses how he incorporated OER (Open Educational Resources) in his teaching. Mercado draws on his own experiences with teaching Introduction to Sociology and lucidly writes about the challenges and opportunities for using OER in this course. This blog post is an …

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Introduction to Jupyter Notebooks | Programming Historian

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When computation is an intrinsic part of your scholarship, how do you publish a scholarly argument in a way that makes the code as accessible and readable as the prose that accompanies it? In the humanities, the publication of scholarship primarily takes the form of written prose, in article or monograph form. While publishers are …

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