GC Digital Showcase

The GC Digital Showcase, held annually since 2012, took place on May 12, 2020 as a virtual event. The Showcase featured brief presentations by the MA in Digital Humanities Praxis seminar, doctoral student winners of this year’s Provost’s Digital Innovation Grants, and by students in the Interactive Data Visualization courses. Fourteen students across disciplines in the humanities and social sciences shared their research on topics ranging from gentrification in Queens, Henry Kissinger’s prolific career, alt-right discourses, and Victorian women’s sports culture, among many others. The slides from all the presentations are provided at the end of the post.

List of Presenters and Presentations at the GC Digital Showcase

MA in Digital Humanities Praxis seminar Presentations
Ashley Rojas, “Heritage Reconstructed: Virtualizations of Archaeological Sites in Peril”
Georgette Keane, “Who Wins With Book Awards?”

Provost’s Digital Innovation Grant Awardees
Angelique Ibanez Aristondo, “Language Pedagogy @CUNY: Now, and Next”
Nicole Cote, “Vis Depot”
Julia Fuller, “Visual Vixens”
Kristen Hackett, “Recalibrating Queens”
Micki Kaufman, “Quantifying Kissinger”
Ashley Marinaccio, “Stage Left Series”
Michael Mena, “The Social Life of Language”
Javier Otero Peña, “Predicting Place Attachment with Tweets”
Nga Than, “Alternative Discourses”

Interactive Data Visualization Presentations
Valliappan Lakshmanan, “2018 NBA Playoff Shot Location Data”
Seth Schimmel, “Explore Trending Keywords in New Grant Descriptions”
Annalisa Wilde, “Who Pays?”