Opening our house, opening our lab! – GC Digital Fellows

Opening our house, opening our lab!

A digital fellow and two participants during the open house

On September 6th, friendly conversations about digital tools, methods, and opportunities at the GC lit up room 7414 at the GC. For the second time since remote learning started during COVID-19, Digital Fellows and GCDI had the opportunity to open the lab in person to welcome new GC students and returning members of the GC community.

It was an afternoon full of joy as the in-person component allowed us to bond with each other around tea and cookies while talking about digital tools and methods. For example, as we have a 3D printer, students were able to learn about it and see how it worked. Some of the participants thought of how it could be of use for their lab experiments or how they could bring a concept to the 3D world.

During the event, in addition to the presence of the Digital Fellows, students had the opportunity to meet Lisa Rhody, Deputy Director of Digital Initiatives. We also had the visit of Robin Miller, the Open Educational Technologist leading Manifold, and Michael Mandiberg the Interactive Technology and Certificate Coordinator.

In addition to our in-person component, we had a hybrid portion with a presentation of what GDCI does. The presentation is available on our YouTube channel.

GC Digital Initiatives 2023 Open House

On Fall 2023 we open our lab in person and virtually to welcome the new Graduate Center students and the returning GC community. Learn more about us! www.cun…

The 2023 Open House was a symbolic official opening of the door to our lab for the academic year,  and it will be kept open for all GC community for the entire year!

We are thrilled to start opening spaces for learning and working. We have a number of upcoming in-person, online, and hybrid workshops, and our working groups!

However, the best way to know about our events and their modalities is to check out our calendar! We will be announcing new events that will help you not only learn about new tools but also connect to other GC digital enthusiasts.

Personally, I can tell you the GC digital community is a community of practice where we learn, and share about success but also have space for failure, and find solutions together. This community is nurturing and very welcoming, and you are welcome to approach us at any time!


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