What is GCDI? (Spring 2019 edition)

Dear Digital GC,

This post aims to review information about the GC Digital Initiatives (GCDI), upcoming workshops, and useful online resources. The start of any semester can be a struggle as we try to get our feet back underneath us and our work done efficiently. The spring term can feel like a bit of an avalanche and it’s hard to know what else is available and where. But worry not, the GC Digital Initiatives are here for you! Join the GCDI Group on the Commons for regular updates, follow us on Twitter (@Digital_Fellows, @cunygcdi), tune in to your department listservs, check our workshop calendar, and visit the GCDI website on the CUNY Academic Commons. It’s always good to know what’s going on with the GCDI, because you, yes you, are the digital GC #digitalGC.

The GCDI offers different types of support for digital scholarship from the week-long skill introduction at the GC Digital Research Institute, to afternoon and evening Office Hours, to one-on-one consultations for faculty, to ongoing working groups. Whether you have participated in our workshops before or your idea of the perfect software is a paperback edition, there is something for you! Our offerings are open to scholars at all levels of digital experience, including students at all stages of graduate research, as well as faculty and staff. Whether you are digitally driven, curious, or defiant, we are prepared to help.

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