Author: Ian Phillips

The Digital GC

Digital Praxis Seminar Project Launches DH Box | 7m32s Travelogue | 18m13s Beyond Citation | 27m47s Provost’s Digital Innovation Grants Writing Studies Tree | 39m27s Mapping Mythology | 45m16s Collaborative Tools for Reducing Violence and Criminal Sanctions | 50m18s New Media Lab Documenting Cappadocia | 56m07s Digital Fellowship Programs GC Digital Fellows | 62m10s Program …

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Gwendolyn Warren and Cindi Katz in Conversation

A conversation about the Detroit Geographical Expedition and Institute (1968-72), a radical project of community based collaborative scholarship-activism and liberatory education, with Gwendolyn Warren, the project’s co-director, and Professor Cindi Katz. Warren shaped many of the DGEI’s mapping projects and was a leader of its extraordinary educational component, which brought hundreds of young people from …

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