PDIG Training Grant Spotlight: Yu-Hsuan Liu

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Training Course: Data Science with Python Pandas 101

by: Yu-Hsuan Liu

I recommend that people who want to improve their Python skills further and are interested in data science could take this class. After taking this class, I think this class is for basic to medium level python users. Persons who want to take this class will need to understand and know how to operate the basic programming rules in Python. Also, pre-installing and being familiar with software like Anaconda or Jupyter is required. The location is easy to find and close to CUNY and Penn Station (34thstreet). The classroom is also clean and good for small group learning. On the day I was taking the class, there were only four students so the teacher could solve it very quickly once we had a problem.

This class was taught by a teacher named “Art.” We learned how to build data frame, NumPy, Pandas, and finally touched a little base of Matplotlib. It offers fundamentals for Data Science by using Python. You will explore various techniques in solving complex problems commonly faced in data analysis.

The pace of this class was fast, and sometimes it was not easy for beginners to catch up with the speaker. Art kept introducing different programming functions and gave examples to us within three hours. Though we could not practice learned functions and have an insightfuldiscussion about questions, Art would love to answer our questions even after the class. He also left his contact information, and welcomed us to ask any questions by emailing him.

Finally, I would like to thank Provost’s Digital Innovation Grant provided me with such an enjoyable experience of taking a python training class. I could apply learned skills for my future research.