How I organize my digital library

student works at laptop

There might not be a Netflix original series about it, but organizing our digital life is today at least as important as organizing any other aspects of our life—if not more. It can be, in many ways, trickier: we were not taught how to keep our digital lives tidy—when we were kids our parents did not scream “go clean your computer’s desktop!”. It is also easy to hide our digital clutter from sight and only get in touch with the mess when we need to find something, and contrary to physical books in tiny New York apartments, storage of digital books is not an issue, so it is possible to keep as many as we want, even the ones that do not spark joy.

For academic people, digital organization is even more important. Articles and books are our main working tools, and more and more of them are digital. A functional organization system can be a game changer for production and for our mental health. In this post, I will discuss some issues that most people face in their organization and explain how I try to overcome them. I will try to describe how it works, but won’t explain how to set it up yet—I will leave that for a future blog post.

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