Visualizing NEH Open Data | GC Digital Fellows

NEH Open Data

Shortly after the Trump administration announced its budget, the GC Digital Fellows dove into the Open Data from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) to see what we could learn about what has been funded and what sort of projects would no longer receive funding. With a hope to share the rapid forays into the data, Jojo wrote up the team’s initial efforts to let people know what were thinking about and how, and to ask people to think with us. We have received enthusiastic response and feedback, which we have been hard at work incorporating into our next steps. This blog post outlines the continuing efforts of the GC Digital Fellows to visualize and disseminate information about NEH funding. As we learn more about the data through our investigations, we continue to refine our work. We hope readers can take away from these intermediary, process posts a sense of how we’re working and our strong encouragement to undertake their own investigations. Read the entire post at Visualizing NEH Open Data | GC Digital Fellows.