What Can the Humanities Do for Data Science?

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The paper ‘Challenges and prospects of the intersection of humanities and data science: A white paper from The Alan Turing Institute’, has been produced by The Alan Turing Institute’s Humanities and Data Science special interest group – an extensive, multidisciplinary group of researchers from a wide range of universities and cultural organizations including The National Archives, The British Library and The National Library of Scotland. Digital tools and data science present many opportunities that could transform humanities research. At the same time, the humanities – academic disciplines that study aspects of human society and culture – also have the potential to transform data science research. This should be a two-way exchange of approaches and knowledge. The new paper defines the UK’s current landscape of digital humanities research and reflects on what data-driven research within the humanities entails. It also highlights a series of recommendations for how these two communities can more easily and better work together to realize the full potential of interdisciplinary work.

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