Co-Opting AI: WHITENESS: An Event Organized by the Institute for Public Knowledge

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Evelyn Berg:

NYU’s Institute for Public Knowledge, NYU Tandon’s Department for Technology, Culture and Society and the 370 Jay Project invite you to a discussion on diplomacy in the series on “Co-Opting AI.” Featuring Jessie Daniels, William R. Frey, Mutale Nkonde, Natasha Stovall and Mona Sloane in conversation, this event examines the intersection of whiteness and AI technology. In what ways do social issues in AI relate to wider patterns of racial discrimination? How does white privilege affect AI design? What are the conversations we need to be having in order to advance racial literacy in tech design and policy? The panelists will come together to provide their expertise on AI, racism, psychology, sociology, and policy to consider these questions.

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