What We’ve Learned From Our Privacy Project

In April of 2019, the NY Times intiated The Privacy Project, an series dedicated to exploring privacy issues in a digital world. Everything written for this series can be found in this archive. It’s A LOT, and much of which seems worth reviewing. So where should you begin?

First, this bibliography they compiled, which includes a lot of additional resources, seems to undergird how the series has unfolded and might be a good starting point.

Also, in July, the editor of the Op-Ed section summarized what (they thought) we’ve learned from [the] privacy project so far. Some key points they highlight are:

  1. Surveillance Tools Are Readily Available
  2. We Don’t Know Enough About What Happens to Our Data
  3. Privacy Violations Affect Us in Tangible Ways
  4. Sacrificing Your Privacy Might Sometimes Be Worthwhile

They conclude with a few thoughts on what can be done.

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