Queer Data

a student works diligently at their laptop during presentation

Queer Data

Editors: Evangelos Tziallas & Patrick Keilty (University of Toronto)

We invite scholars to take up issues related to “queer data”—broadly conceived—in a new anthology that seeks to rethink the ways in which the extraction, circulation, and use of data impacts queer subjects in a variety of contexts. The anthology will make contributions to intersectional feminist and queer research and add to the ongoing multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary dialogues about data across the social sciences, humanities, and applied sciences.

Themes can include, but are not limited to, any of the following:

  • Feminist, queer, trans, Black, anti-colonial, and anti-class data politics
  • Data extraction, circulation, and use
  • Surveillance and privacy
  • Governance and biopower
  • Human-centered data science
  • Invisible infrastructures and infrastructural failure
  • Smart cities, suburban and rural data politics
  • Health information technology
  • Social consequences of technology
  • Research methodologies

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