From Social Mediums: Making Social Media More Social

Hubble's Sharpest View of the Orion Nebula by NASA on The Commons

Program Social Media Fellow Huber (David) Jaramillo Gil shares his early experiences as a new fellow on the Social Mediums blog. As a doctoral student in Latin American, Iberian, and Latino Cultures, Huber works with program administrators, faculty, and students to create a public-face to the program’s research and scholarly activities. 

Below is a short excerpt from the post: 

My experience as a Social Media Fellow has been one of growth and discovery. I had the opportunity to learn from Jennifer Prince, my predecessor, about the multifaceted world of social media. To my surprise, I became aware of the many steps taken to provide the public with an informative and visually-pleasing experience. Once I met the team of Social Media Fellows I felt immediately welcomed. Needless to say, they all have a level of expertise and a willingness to help that I greatly appreciate. On our very first meeting, as we discussed our goals for the year, one of us mentioned the importance of making our role be understood and portrayed as “human.”

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