Provost’s Digital Innovation Grants: The Black Sea Fish and Mollusca Project

The Black Sea Fish and Mollusca Project

Antonia Santangelo, Anthropology

Antonia Santangelo

The Black Sea Fish and Mollusca Project employs Omeka, an open source web-publishing platform for the display of library, museum, archives, and scholarly collections and exhibitions to showcase a physical comparative collection of fish skeletons and mollusc shells from the Black Sea coastal regions of Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania, Ukraine, Russia and Georgia.This unique virtual museum aims to provide hi-res images and scans of the specimens, as well as feature online topical exhibitions related to seafood studies and identity, environment, maritime adaptations, fish migration and the development of fishing economies in this region. This digital resource will improve the way archaeologists analyze such faunal remains on archaeological projects and serve as an online educational destination for all major topics related to Black Sea fish and mollusca. Antonia Santangelo is also a Graduate Student Researcher in the New Media Lab (NML)  The NML’s supportive and creative environment has strongly influenced the direction of this digital project









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