Theory, Research & Action in Urban Education

Jean Anyon, Claire Fontaine

Theory, Research, and Action in Urban Education (TRAUE) is “an open-access, peer-reviewed online journal published by doctoral students and recent graduates of the Urban Education program at the Graduate Center.”  TRAUE highlights work by developing scholars and “serves as a forum in which youth, public school students, educators, community groups, and parents debate issues of educational practice and policy.”

The journal publishes “articles, reviews, policy briefs, and notes from the field that critically and politically engage with issues of equity in urban schools and communities.”  It looks for content about “theory, research, and action that is political and undertaken in collaboration with schools and communities.”  Its mission is “to develop and share tools for imagining and enacting sustainable, systemic educational and social equity.”  It values “social and educational equity.”

The journal has a OJS back-end and a WordPress front-end.