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Review our updates on programming in response to COVID, and see our News page for additional developments.

GCDI brings together the work of leading scholars and technologists at the CUNY Graduate Center to pioneer new modes of inquiry that integrate digital tools and methods into the research, teaching, and service missions of the University.

The best way to connect with GCDI’s interdisciplinary community of students, faculty, scholars, and technologists is to participate in any of our initiatives:

Regardless of your level of comfort or familiarity with technology, GCDI’s activities provide a wide range of opportunities, and cultivate a community of practice that revolves around a multitude of voices and ideas.

Below are a few ways to get involved, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know.

Join us for an event!

Consult the calendar to see upcoming events and sign up online to save your seat! Each year, we sponsor a wide range of events that include internationally-recognized speakers, local artists and creators, and CUNY faculty and students. Past speakers have included Nicole Starosielski, Wendy Chun, and Doug Boyd and covered topics including Oral History and Digital Archiving, Social Media in Theory & Praxis, Musical Performance Analysis, and Activism and the Intersectional Internet.

Our events are always free and usually open to the public.

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Add the following annual events to your calendar to learn more about the #DigitalGC:

  • CUNY Digital Humanities Initiative (CUNY DHI) Lightning Talks: an annual event where CUNY students, faculty, and staff share their digital projects in three minute “speed” presentations.
  • GC Digital Showcase: Each May, students from the Digital Praxis Seminar, along with recipients of the Provost’s Digital Innovation Grants, and others introduce their digital scholarship. We also recap our themed series of speakers and workshops–like the GCDI Sound Series–connecting theory-driven conversation to hands-on learning.

Signup for a workshop!

GCDI offers workshops designed to meet the needs of a broad range of interests. We offer some workshops regularly, such as “The Lexicon of Digital Humanities”–designed for those interested in a brief introduction to digital humanities–through “Introduction to Python”–a short course designed to familiarize participants with a popular programming language. Other workshops may be developed and offered in response to student interests. For a current listing of our workshops,  check out the upcoming workshops on our calendar–or better yet, subscribe to it to get future updates!

Join us for Office Hours!

Have a question about your digital project? Looking for more information on where to get started learning a new technology, skill, or research method? The GC Digital Fellows hold Office Hours during the academic year, staffed with a rotating lineup of our Fellows. You may drop in during these hours, or contact us in advance to let us know what you’re struggling with and how we can best support your digital work–particularly if you have a specific area of interest. 

Office hours are held in the Digital Scholarship Lab, GC Room 7414.

Check out our calendar for upcoming dates & times – or better yet, subscribe!

Faculty, Schedule a Consultation!

Doctoral faculty are invited to work at the New Media Lab with the GC Digital Fellow faculty liaison on digital projects related to their research and/or teaching. The Digital Fellow, and others at the NML, can provide conceptual direction, consultation, and technical advice.

The New Media Lab, located on the seventh floor of the CUNY Graduate Center, is a space where graduate students and faculty members from a wide range of disciplines come together to discuss and implement innovative applications of digital media to their research and teaching. Monthly meetings provide additional occasions for individuals, both closely and loosely affiliated with the Lab, to present their digital projects, hear about the progress of individual projects, and offer feedback.

Book a consultation today!

Become a member of a digital community of scholars!

An important pillar of the ethos of the GCDI community is collective, collaborative inquiry. With this in mind, we support a number of different working groups and digital communities. Join any of the specialized communities of interest in the CUNY Academic Commons and be in touch directly with peers, to help each other out in using digital tools and to share relevant information and events. Don’t have a Commons account? No problem! Signup today!

Join the GIS/Mapping Working Group, a network of CUNY students, faculty and staff who are interested in sharing methods and techniques, and finding support from others about ways GIS can be used to further research and teaching.

Join the Python User’s Group, an open and informal collaborative space for experimentation and exploration with the Python programming language, where all interested in Python – from complete beginners to advanced users – can come to work together and find support for their projects, learn skills, tools, or just hang around.

Join the R User’s Group, a place for newbies and experts alike to learn and work together on projects using the statistical programming language, R. Do you want to learn the best practices for creating a reproducible workflow but don’t know where to begin? Struggling to figure out the best methods for wrangling a messy data set? Want to build a clean and professional website using free and open-source tools? We can do all this and more using R! Join us to learn how to unlock the full potential of the R ecosystem.

Join the GC Humanidades Digitales, a collaboration between the Mina Rees Library and GC Digital Initiatives, this working group aims to improve the resources, information, and community around Humanidades Digitales at the CUNY Graduate Center and beyond. The group provides a space for open discussion of Humanidades Digitales (translated: Digital Humanities, DH) in Spanish-language contexts, both written in Spanish and/or in Spanish-speaking countries; and the geopolitics of DH and genealogies of DH in Spanish-language contexts. View their library guide, created by Sivia Cho of the Mina Rees Library at The GC, and Kelsey Chatlosh and Javier Otero Peña. 

Join the Digital Archives Research Collective (DARC)a newly-formed platform that aims to address the needs of students, faculty, and communities working on Archival Research at the Graduate Center. We aim to provide resources (tutorials, best practices, and workshops), promote projects, and facilitate communication across disciplines and institutional settings. We hold ad-hoc meetings.

Join the Sound Studies and Methods Working Group is a network of CUNY students, faculty, and staff who are interested in sharing theories, methods, and techniques related to doing qualitative and quantitative research, teaching, storytelling, and creating art with sounds and audio files, and finding resources and support from others to do so. The group is open to scholars from all disciplines to explore ways that we as researchers and makers can study and use sound in our scholarship and pedagogy.

GC Digital Initiatives is a group on the Commons that accompanies this website and #DigitalGC initiative at the Graduate Center. Here, members of the GC community can share news of recent and upcoming events, new projects, collaborative or job opportunities and begin to build connections with each other and between projects related to digital humanities, broadly conceived. 

CUNY DHI aims to build connections and community among those at CUNY who are applying digital technologies to scholarship and pedagogy in the humanities. All are welcome: faculty, students, and technologists, experienced practitioners and beginning DHers, enthusiasts and skeptics. We meet regularly on- and offline to explore key topics in the Digital Humanities, and share our work, questions, and concerns.

NYCDH brings together New York City scholars and members of the GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives, museums) community to talk about, experiment with, collaborate on, teach and learn about, and just generally commune around the digital humanities.

Can’t find the community you were looking for? Check the CUNY Academic Commons – a group may already exist! If it doesn’t exist, create it yourself! We’d be happy to promote it and help it grow, so be sure to contact us afterwards to include it in this list.

Attend an Institute!

Hosted by the GC Digital Fellows and part of the GC Digital Initiatives, the GC Digital Research Institute (GC DRI) is a week-long intensive training course where participants learn core digital research skills and tools (including command line, GitHub, python and more) while connecting with peers in an interdisciplinary environment.

Want to review or practice the curriculum on your own? We’ve made our workshops self-navigable and have shared them on the institute’s website.

Apply for Grants & Fellowships!

Doctoral students are eligible for small grants to support travel, training and developments of digital inflected scholarship and projects. Calls for participation are circulated in the Fall semester for Spring semester funding. Learn more about past projects and start preparing your application!

GCDI has three fellowship programs: GC Digital Fellows, Program Social Media Fellows and Videography Fellows. Applications are circulated in Spring for Fall, year-long appointments. Learn more about our fellowship programs and apply in the next round!

Join one of our Academic Programs!

There are a number of academic programs associated with or spawned from GCDI. These programs combine digital training with disciplinary learning to provide specialized skills for emerging fields of study.

Learn more on our Degrees & Certificates page. 

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