R You Ready? Beginning Your Research with R


R is a versatile programming language, best suited for a variety of data science needs. Whether you need to run some statistical analyses, create publication-worthy data visualizations, or even publish …

Event Series Python User Group (PUG)

Python User Group (PUG)

Remote Conferencing NY

Python User’ Group (or PUG for short) is an open and informal collaborative space for experimentation and exploration with the Python programming language. It is an opportunity for those interested in Python to work together virtually and find support. Whether you are looking for advice or assistance with new or current projects, looking to discuss …

Discover the Facts: Data Analysis in R


In this hands-on workshop, we will learn the basics of data exploration, analysis and visualization with R. We will introduce and work with the Tidyverse series of library and R Studio, tools that have become the standard for data analysis with R. Some introductory R knowledge is necessary, since we will not have time to …

What is WordPress? Create Your First Website on the Commons


Websites have become a critical tool in academic scholarship. From a personal website or the site for an academic event to a public facing project such as a digital archive, websites are a tool we all can explore. Being able to create websites or participating as an author on an existing one is, therefore, an …

Text Analysis with NLTK [Fall Python Series]


Python Intensive Workshops: An Exploration of Research Tools for Beginners Join GCDI for our second workshop in the Python Intensive Workshops: An Exploration of Research Tools for Beginners and learn …

Git It: Intro to Git and GitHub for Absolute Beginners


Git and GitHub are powerful tools for collaborative and individual projects. Git is a version control software that aids with tracking changes made to a set of files over time. GitHub is a web-based platform for storing, sharing, and collaborating on project files online. This session begins with a conceptual overview of both tools, including …

Event Series RUG Meeting (Online) @ 4 – 5 PM

RUG Meeting (Online) @ 4 – 5 PM


The R User Group meeting (RUG) is back in Fall 2022. Our first Zoom meeting is scheduled at 3 - 4 pm. This user group is beginner-friendly and we will decide what R topics to learn based on the common participants' interests. Join our CUNY Academic Commons User Group here in order to receive the …

Event Series Mapping User Group Meeting

Mapping User Group Meeting


The GIS and Mapping Group is a network of CUNY students, faculty and staff who are interested in sharing methods and techniques, and finding support from others about ways GIS can be used to further research and teaching. In the group, we discuss map mapping concepts and techniques, learn how to use new tools and …

Spreadsheets aren’t Boring! Spreadsheets for Beginners


Microsoft Excel/Google Spreadsheets is a powerful tool used by researchers to quickly summarize, clean, and make sense of data. Learning this tool could also build a foundation to learn other …