New Media Lab Student Project Advisor

Aaron Knoll, the New Media Lab Student Project Advisor, assists students embarking upon digital projects by suggesting proven technologies, and supporting them with the experience he has learned in the field.

 Aaron’s primary areas of expertise are PHP, MySQL, CSS, ArcGIS, Google Maps, Adobe Creative Suite, Javascript and web best practices.  He also has experience working with Flash and Adobe Flex, music production (CuBase, ProTools, MixCraft, REAPER, Garage Band), video production (Premiere, Imovie, and bit of Final Cut Pro), leading statistics packages such as SPSS, social networking, search engine optimization, and print and web graphic design using Illustrator, Fireworks and Photoshop. He has worked extensively in the last few years with Omeka, WordPress and Drupal though has spent time in his career elsewhere working with proprietary and non-open source content management systems.