Jessie Daniels – Cyber Racism

Associate Professor of Urban Public Health Jessie Daniels‘ most recent book

“…is the first book to explore the way racism is translated from the print-only era to the cyber era. In this highly readable volume, author Jessie Daniels examines how white supremacist organizations have translated their printed publications onto the Internet. Through an innovative, mixed method study – from qualitative analysis of the posts at the “Ladies Only” forum at (online portal of “White Pride World Wide”) where women renegotiate white supremacy through a feminist lens to the “cloaked” sites which disguise white supremacy sources as legitimate civil rights websites — Daniels takes the reader through a devastatingly informative tour of white supremacy online.

Theoretically engaged yet accessible to a wide audience beyond the specialist, Cyber Racism includes interviews with a small sample of teenagers as they surf the web, encounter cloaked sites and attempt to make sense of them, mostly unsuccessfully. The result is a first-rate analysis of the emerging social phenomenon of cyber racism within the global information age and a groundbreaking study of social movement discourse on either side of the Internet revolution. Despite the common assumptions that the Internet is an inherently democratizing technology or that white supremacists are using the Internet to “recruit,” Daniels debunks these notions and offers a nuanced, challenging analysis that urges readers to rethink ways of knowing about racial equality, civil rights and the Internet.”