Social Policy Simulation Center

(Dr. Jonathan Peters, Director)

Founded in 2009, the Social Policy Simulation Center analyzes the “multi-layered social and technical interactions” that occur in urban settings,  using computerized simulations and “multi-dimensional modeling techniques.”  The center’s research helps improve the way modern cities function by providing more efficient alternatives to existing functions and by analyzing and simulating the operational impact of new projects.  It strives to “better understand the role of public policy on the development of sustainable jobs and economic activity.”

… an in-depth understanding of numerous urban, suburban and rural public policy issues warrant significant research so that limited public and private resources can be allocated effectively to promote the optimal outcomes in terms of economic vitality, social justice and also reflect the political realities of a modern democracy.

The Center’s website links out to maps (economy, land use, population, politics, religion), surveys, papers and video simulations