American Social History Project

Based at the Graduate Center, The American Social History Project/Center for Media and Learning “produces print, visual, and multimedia materials that explore the richly diverse social and cultural history of the United States.” It conducts seminars and professional training session for teachers which introduce the “latest scholarship, technology, and active learning methods” available for use in classrooms.

Prof. Josh Brown is the Executive Director and Prof. Pennee Bender, the Associate Director/Multimedia Producer of the digital collection, and help coordinate student and faculty digital projects and research at the New Media Lab.

It’s a place to investigate, full of surprising discoveries. And it’s not just one story; good history involves the telling of many stories: often conflicting, sometimes troubling, and frequently inspiring. For more than twenty-five years, we’ve written books, produced documentaries, created digital and online programming, and organized activities that challenge the traditional ways people learn history. Informed by the latest scholarship, we make the past, and the lives of the working people and “ordinary” Americans who shaped it, vivid and meaningful.