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Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy
Theory, Research, and Action in Urban Education
Situations: Project of the Radical Imagination
Western European Stages

JITP’s mission is “to promote open scholarly discourse around critical and creative uses of digital technology in teaching, learning, and research.” The JITP endeavors to counter these trends by re-centering questions of pedagogy in our discussions of technology in higher education. The journal also works to change what counts as scholarship — and how it is presented, disseminated, and reviewed — by allowing contributors to develop their ideas, publish their work, and engage their readers using multiple formats. Click here for submission information. This open source journal has a OJS back-end and is published on the CUNY Academic Commons.



Theory, Research, and Action in Urban Education (TRAUE) is an open-access, peer-reviewed online journal published by doctoral students and recent graduates of the Urban Education program at the Graduate Center that values social and educational equity.  TRAUE highlights work by developing scholars and “serves as a forum in which youth, public school students, educators, community groups, and parents debate issues of educational practice and policy.”

The journal publishes “articles, reviews, policy briefs, and notes from the field that critically and politically engage with issues of equity in urban schools and communities.”  It looks for content about “theory, research, and action that is political and undertaken in collaboration with schools and communities.”  Its mission is “to develop and share tools for imagining and enacting sustainable, systemic educational and social equity.” The journal has a OJS back-end and a WordPress front-end. Click here for submission information.

Stanley Aronowitz (Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Urban Education) is co-founder of the open source journal Situations: Project of the Radical Imagination which “addresses the lapse of the radical imagination in both left theory and in popular consciousness.” Situations publishes critical assessments of radical political thought, examinations of social movements and popular attempts to guide political change, and identifies what is new and different in politics and culture today. Mindful of its role as a journal, Situations brings political theory and questions of strategy back to the fore as pragmatic and political necessities and attempts to overcome reductionist thought by searching out the revolutionary impulse that comes from the abstract, the impulse to break with lived experience and seek new ways of understanding and situating ourselves within society. Situations uses OJS. Click here for submission information.

LLJournal is an Open Access journal published by the Graduate Center’s PhD Program in Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literatures and Languages.  Multi-disciplinary in nature, it is “dedicated to the promotion of research related to the Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian worlds,” and features content from all fields of study, including “articles, book reviews, and other original material related to literature, cultural history, cinema and visual art, cultural and gender studies, as well as applied, theoretical and sociolinguistics.” LL publishes works in Spanish, Portuguese and English. For policies and submission process, click here. LLJournal is available free of charge as an Open Access journal. Articles available in HTML and PDF format.

Published twice a year by the Martin E. Segal Theatre Center (MESTC), Western European Stages is

… an indispensible resource in keeping abreast of the latest theatre developments in Western Europe. Each issue contains a wealth of information about recent European festivals and productions, including reviews, interviews, and reports. News of forthcoming events: the latest in changes in artistic directorships, new plays and playwrights, outstanding performances, and directorial interpretations.

The MESTC Publication Wing produces both journals and individual volumes. Other journals include Slavic and Eastern European Performance (SEEP), The Journal of American Drama and Theatre (JADT), Cinema Journal, and Western European Stages (WES). The Center also continues to play a key role in remedying the dearth of English-language translations of international plays through collaborations with the PEN American Center and our exclusive distributor, Theatre Communications Group (TCG) which together ensure the publication and distribution of their international publications.