Open Access Journals

Open-source publishing lets faculty and students manage peer-reviewed journals affordably. Issues are published online and are freely accessible.

Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy

JITP’s mission is “to promote open scholarly discourse around critical and creative uses of digital technology in teaching, learning, and research.” The JITP endeavors to counter these trends by re-centering questions of pedagogy in our discussions of technology in higher education. The journal also works to change what counts as scholarship — and how it is presented, disseminated, and reviewed — by allowing contributors to develop their ideas, publish their work, and engage their readers using multiple formats. Click here for submission information. This open source journal has a OJS back-end and is published on the CUNY Academic Commons.

Theory, Research, and Action in Urban Education

Theory, Research, and Action in Urban Education (TRAUE) is an open-access, peer-reviewed online journal published by doctoral students and recent graduates of the Urban Education program at the Graduate Center that values social and educational equity.  TRAUE highlights work by developing scholars and “serves as a forum in which youth, public school students, educators, community groups, and parents debate issues of educational practice and policy.”

The journal publishes “articles, reviews, policy briefs, and notes from the field that critically and politically engage with issues of equity in urban schools and communities.”  It looks for content about “theory, research, and action that is political and undertaken in collaboration with schools and communities.”  Its mission is “to develop and share tools for imagining and enacting sustainable, systemic educational and social equity.” The journal has a OJS back-end and a WordPress front-end. Click here for submission information.


LLJournal is an Open Access journal published by the Graduate Center’s PhD Program in Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literatures and Languages.  Multi-disciplinary in nature, it is “dedicated to the promotion of research related to the Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian worlds,” and features content from all fields of study, including “articles, book reviews, and other original material related to literature, cultural history, cinema and visual art, cultural and gender studies, as well as applied, theoretical and sociolinguistics.” LL publishes works in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

European Stages

Published twice a year by the Martin E. Segal Theatre Center (MESTC), European Stages provides English-language readers with the most comprehensive source available on current theatre in this most important area of such activity. It emerged in 2013, the result of the integration of two older publications, Western European Stages (1969) and Slavic and East European Performance (1981), who combined their activities to reflect this more integrated continent.

The MESTC Publication Wing produces both journals and individual volumes. Other journals include The Journal of American Drama and Theatre (JADT) and Cinema Journal. The Center also continues to play a key role in remedying the dearth of English-language translations of international plays through collaborations with the PEN American Center and our exclusive distributor, Theatre Communications Group (TCG) which together ensure the publication and distribution of their international publications.

Journal of American Drama and Theatre (JADT)

JADT publishes thoughtful and innovative work by leading scholars on theatre, drama, and performance in the U.S. – past and present. Provocative articles provide valuable insight and information on the heritage of American theatre, as well as its continuing contribution to world literature and the performing arts. Founded in 1989 and previously edited by Professors Vera Mowry Roberts, Jane Bowers, and David Savran, this widely acclaimed journal is now edited by Professors Naomi J. Stubbs and James F. Wilson.

New Labor Forum

new labor forum square logoNew Labor Forum is a national labor journal from the Murphy Institute, at the CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies,  published by SAGE Press 3 times a year, in January, May, and September. Founded in 1997, the journal provides a place for labor and its allies to consider vital research, debate strategy, and test new ideas. In its over two decades of publication, articles in the journal have covered the full range of challenges that confront workers and working-class communities.

Journal of Teaching Disability Studies

journal of teaching disability studies logo

The mission of the Journal of Teaching Disability Studies is to promote and enhance disability studies pedagogy in a wide variety of educational settings. JTDS will encourage teachers at all levels to reflect on, revise and share original research on how disability studies fits into the classroom, on syllabi, and in public educational programming, and how utilizing principles of universal design supports student learning. JTDS will invite discussion of disability studies in a broad range of educational settings, including stand-alone disability studies courses as part of an undergraduate or graduate curriculum; disability studies topics or approaches as part of discipline-specific courses across the undergraduate or graduate curriculum; disability studies in high school or primary education; disability studies in continuing education; disability studies in public educational settings (i.e. museums, cultural programming). Through the process of review and publication, we aim to encourage collaboration, experimentation and dialogue among instructors, students and programs.