As part of its GC Digital Initiatives and in connection with the ongoing CUNY 2020 grant awarded to the Graduate Center in 2014, the CUNY Graduate Center is currently developing a pair of connected graduate programs: an MA in Digital Humanities and an MS in Data Analysis and Visualization. It is hoped that the new degree programs will coordinate multiple initiatives to offer a curriculum that leverages leading-edge technology at various stages of research, public engagement, and pedagogy.

Advancements and growth in computational technologies are generating increasing amounts of data in every aspect of contemporary life: industry, finance, communications, health, cultural heritage, education, publication, and scientific research. More than ever before, there is a need for professionals who are trained not only in the collection and generation of data, but also the ability to contextualize, to interpret, and to present it in cogent and nuanced ways to new audiences.

The MA/MS Program in Digital Humanities, Data Analysis and Visualization will prepare students to become leaders in this burgeoning and critical field.  Graduates will develop confidence working with quantitative and qualitative data to identify salient questions, develop sound research practices, draw inferences based on subject-area expertise, and effectively communicate data-intensive results to broad public audiences using effective visualizations.  What distinguishes the MA/MS Program is the trans-disciplinary conversations that it will cultivate, encouraging conversations between humanities, social science, and computer science disciplines. Students will be prepared to expand knowledge, influence policy, and to make difficult decisions in a world in which the ability to work with, interpret, and present many forms of data has become a necessity.

Contact information

For more information on the MA/MS programs, please contact Dr. Matthew K. Gold, Advisor to the Provost for Digital Initiatives, and Dr. Lisa Rhody, Deputy Director of Digital Initiatives.