DH Box

DH Box is a laboratory in the cloud that can be deployed quickly and easily. It’s simply accessed from any computer as long as you’ve got an internet connection and some contextual knowledge.

Ready-to-go configurations of OmekaNLTKIPythonR Studio, and Mallet are included in the DH Box platform. Through this praxis-friendly environment, professors and students have instant classroom access to a cadre of gold-standard DH tools. Professors will be able to launch a DH computer lab in just a few minutes.

DH Box is being developed by CUNY faculty, students and librarians for college faculty who have familiarity with DH tools like Omeka, NLTK, R Studio, and Mallet. Not sure what the command line is, or what a server does? The DH Box team has included resources to get you started and on your way to using DH Box!

Project Team

Lead Developer: Steve Zweibel
Writer: Patrick Smyth
Outreach Coordinator: Jojo Karlin
Academic Advisor: Matt Gold

Academic Advisor: Dennis Tenen
Project Alumni: Harlan Kellaway
Project Alumni: Gioia Stevens

Project Alumni: Evan Misshula
Project Alumni: Micki Kaufman
Project Alumni: Cailean Cooney