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Provost’s Digital Innovation Grants: Data Mining Diplomacy

“Data Mining Diplomacy”: A Computational Analysis of the State Department’s Foreign Policy Files Micki Kaufman, U.S. History Scarcity of information is a common frustration for historians. This is especially true for researchers of antiquity, but not exclusively so. However, the opposite is also increasingly ever more the case as historians face a similarly daunting, converse problem. Google …

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Provost’s Digital Innovation Grants: Researching Contemporary Religion in the Age of Big Data

Researching Contemporary Religion in the Age of Big Data: Mapping the Church-Planting Movement John Boy, Sociology This project seeks to develop and implement a way of studying religion in an era of big data. Religious traditions are increasingly deterritorialized, that is, they are increasingly free-floating and less congruent with the sites and civilizations with which …

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