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A Legible Digital Archive: Displaying and Sorting Content on Your Omeka Site

GC Digital Fellow Stefano Morello provides a helpful and succinct overview of Omeka, a widely used content management platform. Reflecting on his recent “Introduction to Omeka” workshop held at the GC, Stefano asks and answers questions relating to designing exhibits, organizing content, and using Omeka plugins. A very helpful primer for all looking to get …

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Why I Quit GitHub

Among the bigger scandals this past week was the escalating turmoil at GitHub over its ICE contract renewal. With employees resigning and protesting en masse, GitHub is under intense pressure to put progressive politics over its profits. In this fascinating interview published in Motherboard: Tech by Vice, Sophie Haskins, a former GitHub software engineer, discusses …

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Authorship and Advocacy: The Native American Petitions Dataverse – Not Even Past

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In this insightful review, Alina Scott draws attention to the decolonizing work of The Native American Petitions Dataverse. Scott’s review brings out the ways in which this project is rethinking both the form and the content of digital archives, while also emphasizing the many new avenues for research, access, preservation, and activism that this amazing archive …

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Review of Learning Queer Identity in the Digital Age

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This post reviews Kay Siebler’s Learning Queer Identity in the Digital Age (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016). Of particular interest to scholars working at the intersections of digital cultures, queer theory, and critical pedagogy, Siebler’s compelling book opens new pathways of thinking through the contradictions of identity, capitalism, and patriarchy. It’s definitely reached the top of my …

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Toward the End of a Digital Project: Reflections on Starting Over

This issue is probably more common than I think. Over the past year I’ve been working on an ambitious digital project: to modify a digital annotation tool,, so that the user can highlight text in multiple colors, rather than just yellow. While that doesn’t sound very ambitious, the theoretical underpinnings of the project and …

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We are all complicit in harassment and abuse

To combat bad behaviour, researchers must collectively create ways to take responsibility, says Virginia Valian… The vast majority of scholars will never have crossed paths with Epstein, but many of us — myself included — are guilty of lapses, of instances when we failed to recognize or take steps to prevent abuse. It is past …

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The Dark Side of Techno-Utopianism

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This lucidly written essay shuttles between the emergence of the Gutenberg press and the rise of Facebook, compelling a reflection on the enduring and contradictory ways in which print and digital cultures are entwined. Particularly insightful is the observation that what we now refer to as “fake news” has been closely associated with both print …

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