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What We’ve Learned From Our Privacy Project

In April of 2019, the NY Times intiated The Privacy Project, an series dedicated to exploring privacy issues in a digital world. Everything written for this series can be found in this archive. It’s A LOT, and much of which seems worth reviewing. So where should you begin? First, this bibliography they compiled, which includes …

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Comment, reply, repeat: Engaging students with social annotation

Picture the last time you sat down to read an article for class. If your university experience was anything like most students’, chances are, you were alone. While solitary reading has benefits and is a common aspect of learning in higher education, it may not be the most effective way to read. Research suggests that …

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Digital Humanities Summer Institute 2019

During the first week of June I had the opportunity to participate in the Digital Humanities Summer Institute at the University of Victoria, BC. As a graduate student with (very) basic knowledge on digital humanities, the DHSI with its bootcamp atmosphere proved to be a great place to start exploring the field and learning more about how to …

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Digital Humanities (DH) at KU – Being a HASTAC Scholar

students working on laptop at table

Last month, our HASTAC scholars presented our work in the Digital Scholars’ Showcase.  Please check the following link for the presentation I gave: In my brief talk, I shared how I came to DH via happenstance when a classmate of mine shared their engagement with DH on campus.  After meeting with the staff at …

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Webinar Recap: Making Meaning with Digital Tools– Practical and Inclusive Strategies

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Initially, I conceptualized this webinar as an attempt to articulate a pedagogical move beyond the traditional paper. As an English instructor, I (Rachel Willis) am often struck by how inadequate a paper can be in terms of figuring out what students know. I have recently begun offering live grading for students, and this practice reinforced for …

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More than PDF’s!

You may have heard the news or a passing reference that the Graduate Center has accepted its first born digital dissertation,   but might be wondering what that actually means? Especially since all dissertations start off as some sort of word-processing document and end up as PDFs, both digital formats, in CUNY Academic Works.   What was …

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Introduction: Issue Fifteen

students looking at laptop screen. one points something out on the screen

For many, imagining the possibilities of digital technologies, in classrooms and in our lives, conjures up two dystopian extremes: unregulated chaos or constant surveillance. These nightmares are animated by a fear that the digital is something created for us, something we receive rather than construct. Headlines promise us that we are falling into our screens …

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