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The Dark Side of Techno-Utopianism

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This lucidly written essay shuttles between the emergence of the Gutenberg press and the rise of Facebook, compelling a reflection on the enduring and contradictory ways in which print and digital cultures are entwined. Particularly insightful is the observation that what we now refer to as “fake news” has been closely associated with both print …

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Easy Website Archiving

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The GC Library’s Stephen Klein discusses Rhizome’s Webrecorder, an open source solution for Web Archiving. This is tool should be of interest to all researchers looking to capture portions from the internet or to record their own web development project. Read more: Easy Website Archiving.

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At Least 70 Countries Have Had Disinformation Campaigns, Study Finds

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With recent understandings about the circulation of disinformation especially as it relates to election campaigns, NY Times shared a report from Oxford University looking at the manner in which disinformation campaigns circulate. Despite increased efforts by internet platforms like Facebook to combat internet disinformation, the use of the techniques by governments around the world is …

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Analyzing preprints: The challenges of working with SHARE metadata

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As can be seen from a series of recent publications, there is great interest surrounding preprints—scholarly manuscripts that are published ahead of peer review. And while these studies show a rise in the number of documents posted on preprint servers, they fail to offer a clear picture on how the growing number of preprint servers are …

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Deepfakes: Can You Spot a Phony Video?

As we think about the increasing use of social media as our sources of news and information, the strategies to spread disinformation seem to also have increased. Moving beyond the manipulation of static images, there is a new AI technology, “deepfakes,” which can allow for convincing alterations to be made on video that is difficult …

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PDIG Training Grant Spotlight: Carmela Muzio Dormani

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By: Carmela Muzio Dormani   Salsa is rhythm and melody, represents history and evolution, and encourages both individual expression and interpersonal connection. In the 1960s and 70s salsa music was, “the unmistakable voice of the Puerto Rican barrio” (Duany, 1984) representing, “a powerfully vibrant and uncontainable cultural expression” (Washburne, 2008). Today, it is the dancers …

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