New Media Lab Dissertation Awards: Apply by April 22nd

The application window for the 2020 NML Digital Dissertation Award [] is open through April 22. $1,000 awards will be granted to up to three Graduate Center doctoral students.

Awards will be given to Graduate Center doctoral students in good standing who have worked at the New Media Lab for at least one semester on a digital project that is intended to be a part of a doctoral dissertation.  Both students still working at the lab and students who previously worked at the lab are eligible.  Each applicant must have the support of their dissertation advisor and must have submitted a dissertation proposal.

The New Media Lab promotes the inclusion of digital components in doctoral dissertations at the Graduate Center. Complementing recent efforts to support and promote the innovative use of new technologies at the Graduate Center, this award aims to encourage the creation of digital productions as a part of doctoral dissertations. Digital components may take the form of data visualization and presentation, text analysis, app creation, simulations, and geospatial mapping, among others.  Up to three awards will be made yearly. A submission may be a digital dissertation project in any stage—from a preliminary or prototype stage to a near final stage.

Apply online at [], or direct questions to Joe Kirchhof,