CFP: DH Pedagogy and Praxis Roundtable

GC Digital Initiatives (GCDI) is happy to be collaborating with the Scholar’s Lab at the University of Virginia on a CFP for the Digital Humanities 2018 conference in Mexico City.

screenshot GCDI on the Praxis Program website

The proposal builds on the Praxis Network, which began in 2013 and which featured the Graduate Center Digital Fellows program in its original group of featured programs.

Here is an excerpt from the CFP:

First developed in 2013, the Praxis Network ( brought attention to the ways in which digital humanities was being used to rethink the nature of student training, campus partnerships, and pedagogy. Five years later, at DH 2018, we propose to reflect on these efforts, to assess the current state of digital humanities training and its relationship to and effects on praxis-oriented pedagogy. We seek proposals from a broad range of audiences – student perspectives are welcome, and participants need not have been involved in the programs originally listed as part of the Praxis Network.

Read the full CFP here.