Interactive Technology and Pedagogy Certificate Program

The Interactive Technology and Pedagogy Certificate program is designed to provide intellectual opportunities and technical training that enable Graduate Center doctoral students to think creatively and critically about the uses of instructional technology to improve teaching, learning, and research.

It aims to better prepare doctoral students for life and work in the contemporary university and advances students’ skills as creators and users of technology-based educational resources.

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The certificate’s nine-credit sequence of courses provides theoretical, historical, philosophical, literary, and sociological perspectives on technology and pedagogy in the classroom and in academic research. Though the program draws on the discipline-based expertise of many doctoral faculty members, it also strives to build a collective and interdisciplinary conversation about the broad implications of emerging education technology for intellectual work and classroom practices.

Possession of the ITP certificate should represent to potential employers a scholar well versed in the theoretical and practical aspects of using academic technology at the university level, and assist doctoral students in their pursuit of employment in the academy and beyond.

This site provides information about the curriculum and mission of the certificate program, the program’s faculty, as well as examples of syllabi and student work. The certificate program is coordinated by Dr. Stephen Brier.

Independent Study Projects

The ITCP Independent Study course is the final requirement of the nine-credit ITP certificate. The I.S. course encourages students to apply the theoretical, pedagogical, and practical lessons learned in the two ITP core courses and the skills workshops to conceive and develop a concrete and realizable IT project of their own design that they then implement and evaluate.

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Julie Fuller
Assistant Program Officer
(212) 817-7289  |  Room 7301

Michael Mandiberg
Interim Coordinator
(212) 817-7290

Stephen Brier
Founder and Coordinator
on Sabbatical

More information

For more information about the Interactive Technology and Pedagogy Doctoral Certificate Program, please visit the Graduate Center website.