CUNY Digital Humanities Initiative

Begun in the Fall of 2010, the CUNY Digital Humanities Initiative “aims to build connections and community among those at CUNY who are applying digital technologies to scholarship and pedagogy in the humanities.”   DHI is a public group on the CUNY Academic Commons, open to everyone, including “experienced practitioners and beginning DHers, enthusiasts and skeptics.”

The group meets “on- and offline” to discuss important issues in DH and to share “work, questions, and concerns.”  There are three key components of the CUNY Digital Humanities:

  • The CUNY Digital Humanities blog – where members can contribute posts, find information on upcoming events and present the group’s work.
  • The CUNY Digital Humanities Resource Guide, a collection of wiki pages containing annotated links to all things DH.  The wiki can be edited by members of the Commons.
  • The Forum, where members can start topics and generate lively discussion threads.

Since its inception, DHI has hosted many guest speakers, including Eben Moglen, Bethany Nowviskie, Ben Vershbow, Mark Sample, Shannon Mattern, Douglas Armato, Kathleen Fitzpatrick, David Hoover, Patrik Svensson, and Tom Scheinfeldt.